Invasive Cardiology Hospital “Ikardia” in Nałęczów has premises. Doctors and patients have been using the place for some time now. On Friday, it was officially opened.

‘This is a hospital created specially for invasive cardiology with a wide spectrum of treatments available,’ explains prof. Jarosław Wójcik, Head of the Invasive Cardiology Hospital “Ikardia” in Nałęczów. ‘We hope that they will help our patients in a faster recovery. We perform, among others, coronary angiography, angioplasty with stents, implantation of pacemakers, ablation of atrial fibrillation, and closing defects in the atrial septum,’ he enumerates.

The facility is equipped with 40 beds in the Cardiology Department and 10 in its Intensive Care Unit. It also has the latest medical equipment on the market, i.e. state of the art diagnostic and therapeutic apparatus.

‘Thanks to EU grants, we were able to obtain the so-called dual x-ray apparatus for the most complicated heart surgeries, which is not currently available anywhere else in Poland. In addition, despite the fact that there are a lot of such cardiology departments in our province, patients still have to wait several months for some procedures, e.g. coronary angiography, or even a year for ablation. We hope that our services will reduce queues for patients,’ says prof. Wójcik.

The “Ikardia” center has been present in Nałęczów for eleven years. So far, its medical personnel have performed about 27,000 various heart treatments. ‘This number proves how much patients need us, as there is no such thing as saturation of the market,’ emphasizes prof. Wójcik.

The hospital provides medical services under a contract signed with the National Health Fund, as well as on a private payment basis.

‘It is a very modern center in the province of Lublin. It is prepared for treating people with acute coronary syndrome, but also for continuing this treatment, e.g. through procedures involving the implantation of various devices that support the work of the heart. Currently, it is the only non-network cardiology hospital that we have in the Lublin region. The hospital has a contract with the NHF for the next ten years, so it can develop and treat patients’ says Karol Tarkowski, director of the Lublin branch of the Fund.